Have you ever had the feeling that it is getting harder to work in your office, you want to lie down on the guest sofa and close your eyes for a while? Has any of your colleagues ever said rubbing his temples: "For some reason, I'm so slow on the uptake today!”. At first sight, it may seem that everything is due to lack of sleep, weather changes or stress. In fact, the reason is much more trivial. What it involves is the excess carbon dioxide in the indoor air. That is why we have developed a special technology that allows controlling this harmful gas and taking immediate actions so that all colleagues feel good and “are quick on the uptake”.

What are we talking about?

Let's start from the beginning. Carbon dioxide is an important component of dry air. The human body needs it no less than oxygen because it strengthens the immune system and even helps to overcome stress. However, CO2 is still a harmful gas. When exceeding the norm, it poses a threat to health, leads to shortness of breath, fatigue and drowsiness. In other words, it does not contribute to an active office environment.
There is only one way out in this situation: to air the office rooms. Although when there are a lot of people working in the office, it is difficult to monitor the airing. Of course, it is possible by regular reminding or setting a timer, but in reality, it takes a lot of efforts.

The best solution here is a special device that monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the air and notifies when the norm is exceeded. Imported foreign-made sensor devices are too expensive to provide for all office rooms of the company. Therefore, Luxnet Company has developed the device that costs two times less than a foreign-made counterpart and, at the same time, has many advantages.

How does CO2 Monitoring Device work?

The device for measuring the level of carbon dioxide in the air works indoors regardless of the area of the office room. You just need to install the sensor device and start it. This sensor device shows the permissible level of carbon dioxide in the air. In case the level exceeds, the light on the sensor turns red and the device produces audible warning signal. In this way, HAFY will help to avoid the consequences that may have negative effects on the health of employees. Moreover, there is the possibility to measure temperature and humidity with this device.

How can you control HAFY?

Monitoring and controlling is possible due to the application. It just needs to be installed and then you should start the devices. They will do their job noiselessly and decently: they will make sure that there is enough fresh air in the office room because the sensor works every minute. Furthermore, the application will contain the information about CO2 level in the air, temperature and humidity. Having these data, you are able to create analytics that can help to improve the situation in the office environment in the future. For example, to change the temperature to a more comfortable level: if the air is too dry, you can use special devices and, of course, do a simple but such an important action: to open the windows more frequently.

During the development, our company faced the following challenges:

 - to control the level of carbon dioxide in the air of office rooms;

 - to measure the level of gas, temperature and humidity with a single device;

 - to create a simple and easy-to-use system to notify about the exceed of permissible level of  gas;

 - to program the application to collect data on three indicators in order to help monitor and improve the situation in the office;

 - to make the device cheaper in comparison with foreign-made counterparts, but just as efficient and useful;

 - to make the device as easy to use as possible in order that every employee can understand and control the indicators.

As a result, we have received:

 - the device that is easy to understand and, at the same time, does not require special or additional efforts to start or control;

 - the most convenient and useful application with a clear interface that can analyze data to improve the health of employees;

 - the device that costs less than any foreign-made counterparts, but is equal in efficiency and usefulness; 

 - the system that is user-friendly for employees of any age and does not require administration by the user.

Who needs carbon dioxide monitoring device?

This device is for companies that care about the health of their employees, and in this way about productivity because the avoidance of fatigue, drowsiness and shortage of breath during the working day can greatly contribute to the process :) In addition, it is for those companies that want to test the capability of air extraction system in the office room, as well as to improve temperature and humidity. This is the application and device that does not require any efforts from managers or administrators of the company but takes care of your health independently.