Providing you with technical solutions that help to achieve the most ambitious goals
Providing you with technical solutions that help to achieve the most ambitious goals
ABOUT US has been delivering commercially successful products for nearly a decade.
We build award-winning web sites and five-stars iOS/Android apps.
We are experienced in CMS development, DfP, Wowza and other integrations.
Our customers are mainly media holdings and TV channels.
But whoever we work with, we always run extra mile for our clients.
Services provided
Web development
Technologies we use
Business domains
News media
Channel 24, football 24,, android & iOS app, and web-sites, channel 24 apple tv & smart tv applications.
Teleportal app based on "second screen" technology and integrated with all top-rated Ukrainian TV shows, lux fm, and maximum fm online radio iOS and android apps.
Financial services
Openmarket as an advertise buying platform for radio station in Ukraine.
M1 shop, Le boutique discount system, Avon, Pepsi, Head & shoulders ad campaigns landing pages
IT consulting
Data management
Network services
and support
Devops projects
News media products
Brands and partners
TELEPORTAL - Social TV and Second Screen app for interacting with television content.
Contemporary TV audience are well equipped, tech-savvy and expect high engagement. With more demanding audiences, TV programs and shows are no longer just about the content at the dias. They're mostly about its delivery and interaction.

That's where the second screen technology know-how that Luxnet has, comes in. It represents a thrilling new opportunity to engage your audience and enhance overall event experience.

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Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Work with us: [email protected]
Our Location: Halytska Square, 15, Lviv, Ukraine