Second Screen Technology

An interactive bridge between TV and viewers. This is a solution for interacting with viewers in real-time. It works with the concept of Second Screen, which involves the use of gadgets to provide interactive content while watching a television broadcast. In simple words, the user opens the app on the smartphone, votes in it, and sees the results on the TV screen in real-time.

Business challenges
  • involvement of the target users, the involvement of the audience in general;
  • adding viewers to interact with the show in real-time;
  • conducting marketing campaigns with a loyal audience;
  • creation of a platform for further development of marketing interaction;
  • the ability to measure the audience's attitude to the product in real-time;
  • analysis of the number of interactive users and their voices, the statistics creation.
About the project
Luxnet has created a solution with Second Screen that helps to attract the intended audience to the viewing special for one of the TV shows on the 24 news channel.

In order to vote in the poll, the results of which are displayed in real-time, the user must install the application, subscribe to the show and then vote. Collected results are automatically displayed on the screen. For talk shows, this is a simple and not expensive integration based on proven open-source solutions. Instead, the platform engages users and turns them from passive viewers into active participants. This task is especially relevant and important in the context of the negative dynamics of the number of viewers. And with second-screen applications, television becomes truly interactive.

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
Second screens allow you to optimize the television viewing experience and attract more users to your product. This concept is designed to engage the audience with a product that people are not only viewing but directly involved with.

The use of the second screen supports social television and generates online conversation around certain content, that is, converts the use of the TV into an interactive dialogue with the media. This platform is a ready-to-launch system that can be integrated and easily configured for any kind of interactive TV show. The app allows access to a variety of entertainment content or TV shows. Viewers can also use the service to find their favorite shows or events, discuss them on social media, or express and respond quickly to recent events. The platform's dedicated modules allow visitors to chat all day long through chats, votings, polls and other features.

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