The Mask

A web platform for voting in real-time during the show "The Masked Singer Ukraine". The optimal solution for various ranges of TV shows that allows online voting using a mobile device and gives the possibility to ensure the protection of results from manipulation by participants.

Business challenges

We have chosen a web solution - the best option for customer needs. The system generates a one-time code for each participant. That enables fast and efficient access to the platform and for the administrator - rapid and easy vote counting and calculating the total. It is a simple but high-quality solution that guarantees convenience for participants in various ranges of shows and clarity of results for the administrator.

  • to find a voting solution that is easy for both users and the administrator;
  • to provide simple authentication of each participant, which will not take much time or effort;
  • to create a system that can allow only one vote to each user; i.e., the system will be transparent and protected from manipulation;
  • to create a high-quality and user-friendly design of the platform;
  • to implement simple and necessary functions into the admin panel for the needs of the process administrator.

About the project
The TV show "The Masked Singer Ukraine" is an entertainment project consisting of 12 episodes. During that time, the stars who hide their faces behind masks come on stage. The task of the jury and participants is to find out who is "under the cover". “The Masked Singer Ukraine" project has gathered above 5 million viewers in front of TV screens and become the best program for all audience members.

The guests, who are approximately 100 people in the studio, have to choose who of the masked characters they like the most. Our task was to create a software solution for voting. Also, we had to ensure that each participant has only one vote on the platform. In this way, voting can be fair, and the administrator can quickly and efficiently count votes. The project was taking place in Ukraine for the first time, but the Luxnet company had already had cooperation experience in TV shows. So, we managed to solve all the technical challenges thanks to our experience.

By solving these business challenges, we have achieved such results:

  • we have created a platform for real-time voting;
  •  the product is self-contained and does not require additional solutions or technical   support during the show;
  • a simple authentication for users; the platform can be used only once per show;
  • an easy and intuitive design for users;
  • a convenient administrative panel for the moderator which gives the possibility to create voting, view how many participants have made their choice and immediately summarize the results;
  • the website is usually used by approximately one hundred people, but the audience can be significantly expanded if it is needed.

The Luxnet team has been working with products for TV shows for four years. During this project, we have taken into consideration our previous experience. Our task was to simplify the life of our customer.  Furthermore, we had to deal with technical issues on voting qualitatively and using our own resources. That is why we quickly and efficiently created a product that is as easy to understand as possible.

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