Second Screen application for interacting with television content made for StarLightMedia - the leader of TV viewing in Ukraine

Business Challenge
  •  to increase viewers engagement
  •  to add possibility to viewers to interact with onair shows
  •  to marketing with loyal visitors
  •  to share audience between shows
  •  to inform about new and favorite shows
  •  platform for next evolution of marketing interaction
About the project

The  Platform “Teleportal” brings turn-key solution which is ready-to-go system that can be delivered and easily setup for any kind of interactive TV show.
This app allows you to access various data of the sport event or TV show: participant, player or character origins, screenshots, and plenty of other additional content. Many shows feature their own apps nowadays, and while those tend to provide a narrower, more focused experience, second screen apps like our highly-successful “Teleportal” have a much broader appeal. Television shows and specific broadcasts can build their own page on “Teleportal”, which acts as a database. Viewers can use the service to find their favorite shows or sport events and discuss them via social media, or to get up to speed on the most recent goings-on.
Shows can have their own "TV modules" within the app where fans can chat throughout the day, and interact live with games, polls and other features when they're on air.


By developing "Teleportal" Luxnet delivered the best and unique solution for TV audience engagement through Second Screen currently on Ukrainian market. It provides second screen polls, quizzes and competitions. As for the poling, "Teleportal":

  • Supports sentiment analysis and different widgets to leverage this kind of data collection
  • Uses a software dial, which can be distributed to millions of people at the same time with ease, as opposed to the classic hardware dial from times your grandparents still remember
  • The results are aggregated in real-time instantly and can be shown as part of a show on TV

The TV show organizers can also use "Teleportal" tools to organize competitions connected to their show and distribute them to reach their TV audience. Then, viewers compete against each other through text messages or on social media pages.

CTA and leaderboards are displayed on the screen, and the winners get awards, gifts and prizes.
For all of the "Teleportal" second screen products:

  • Templates can be customized by the user and used many times for different polls and competitions
  • The results are aggregated and shown in real-time
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