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An eye-catching and user-friendly website is the key to a successful business in the modern world. A website is like a business card that can or… can not persuade a customer to choose your company. It is thought that if a website fails to load successfully within 5 seconds, a user leaves it and a company loses probably another loyal client. We guarantee that your customers will not run away from you if your company uses our websites!

Several stages
Project analysis and development planning

At this stage, we conduct market needs analysis and develop the overall concept of a web product, its specifics, functions and potential users. We also draw up cost estimation and determine the project implementation schedule. The end result of the stage is a design documentation which is submitted for approval to our customers. Our company ensures your website will be functional, interactive and responsive, have a user-friendly interface, work perfectly at different devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops) and look the same in different browsers.

Development of web product design

Web product design is one of the most important stages in developing a web product from the user's perspective, as it is the first thing he sees when he enters a website. The design of the user interface (UI) and its characteristics are crucially important, as a user-friendly website is a guarantee that its visitor will stay longer and probably want to buy products or services your company. Our developers pay particular attention to user experience (UX), that is, an experience a user will get while interacting with the interface of your website. The correct display of text, animations and images - we will not overlook any detail. We guarantee that all websites we create for you will have an attractive design, work quickly and reliably.

Programming a website

Our experts develop the client-side and server-side of a website at this stage. The "cleanliness" of the code, reliable and stable functioning of a website or a web application is our top priority. Our developers think through the functional elements users see and interact with, as well as those parts of the code users do not deal with, but which are the engine of a website. While creating websites our company uses programming languages and frameworks such as Java and JS, relational database management systems and the PHP programming language with the Symfony framework and the Solr and ElasticSearch search engines.

QA and Launching, further support

Our professional QA team carefully tests a website before handing over it to our customers to make sure it works flawlessly and meets the highest quality standards. Luxnet guarantees our customers' further web products maintenance, development of updates and additional functionality, as well as help in identifying and meeting new customers' needs.

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We apply a comprehensive approach to the development of websites and web applications, that is, we create a unique product that fully meets the concept of your business and the requirements of the modern market. The website will contain all the necessary functions taking into account the customers' needs. You describe how a final version of a website should look and we fulfil your order in time. Our professional team of developers is ready to implement a project of any complexity from simple landing pages and websites requiring unconventional approach, to comprehensive web solutions.

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Our company has been delivering commercially successful products for nearly a decade. We are aware of the importance not only of creating but of launching a successful product. Also, we understand the complexities during the process of its growth and are always here to provide support. Our strengths are tech solutions for media businesses, video live streaming and enterprise solutions. We appreciate honesty and professionalism, you can make sure of that!