HAFY is a monitoring system of the carbon dioxide level in the air. In comparison with imported counterparts, HAFY is twice cheaper and has more advantages. We have created it for companies that care about the health and productivity of their employees. It does not require any efforts from managers or administrators of companies but takes care of your health independently.

Business challenges
  • to control the level of carbon dioxide in the air (in the office);
  • to measure gas level, temperature and humidity with the help of a single device;
  • to create a simple and easy-to-use notification system of the permissible norm excess ;
  • to program an application to collect data of three indicators to monitor and improve the situation in the office;
  • make the device cheaper than foreign counterparts, but just as powerful and useful;
  • make the device as easy to use as possible - so that each employee can understand and control the indicators.
About the project
Luxnet has developed a special system that allows you to control the harmful gas and take measures as soon as possible so that none of your colleagues feels bad and is not "so slow on the uptake". Imported foreign-made sensors are too expensive to provide for all company's premises.

Therefore, Luxnet has developed the device that costs twice cheaper than foreign counterparts and has many advantages.
The device for measuring the level of carbon dioxide in the air works indoors regardless of its area. You just need to install the sensor and start using it. It will show the allowable level of carbon dioxide. If the level exceeds, the light on the sensor turns red and the device produces audible warning signal. In this way, HAFY will avoid the consequences that can negatively affect the health of employees. Moreover, the device has the possibility to measure temperature and humidity. You can control the indicators in the app. It must be installed, then you can start using the devices. They will make sure that there is enough fresh air in the room because the sensor works every minute. In addition, information about CO2 level in the air, temperature and humidity will be sent immediately. With these data, you can create analytics that will improve the situation in the office in the future. For example, change the temperature to a more comfortable level; if the air is too dry, use special humidifiers and, of course, use a simple but important tip: open the windows more often

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
We were trying to create a device that would be invisible. It will not distract from work but will inform about health changes in time.

At the same time, the sensor should serve as an assistant for employees, because it will not only "tell" about the level of hazardous substances in the air, but also collect statistics on how to improve the working condition and mood in the office. So, as a result, we've got:

  • an easy-to-understand device that does not require much effort to start or control;
  • the most convenient and useful application with a clear interface that can analyze data to improve employee’s health;
  • a device that is cheaper than foreign counterparts, but not inferior to them in efficiency and usefulness;
  • a system that is intuitive and easy for employees of all ages and does not require user administration.

Read more in our blog: https://luxnet.io/blog/how-does-hafy-device-work

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