Democratic Axe - is the political party representing the interests of the right-wing movement in Ukraine.

Business challenges


  • to create a unique product , the tool of direct democracy, where each of the party's supporters can and will influence this party's decisions online in real life;
  • to develop convenient and secure voting system to ease the decision making for members of the political party.
About the project

This is a mobile App of an innovative voting system for a Ukrainian political party on the basis of a blockchain platform for iOS and Android. We have developed a unique app - a sophisticated technical solution creating an extremely simple system of voting, reporting and distribution of roles in the party.

This is the three-in-one system: a tool for communication with an audience, assistance in the party's internal decision-making processes and a tool for receiving donations.

  • the creation of the unique product;  
  • the first in Ukraine and one of the first in the whole world;
  • the possibility of time to market within 6 months;
  • the validation of the idea by party members with further elaboration was implemented;
  • about 10 thousand active users;

Read more in our blog: https://luxnet.io/blog/political-party-app-blockchain

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