Front-end development

We create websites and web applications that look good and load fast. Our developer team keep in touch with the latest trends to make the most robust and budget-friendly projects to speed up your business. With our help, you will get high-quality applications and websites.

Our Front-end Experience
Fast applications

One of our main goals is making fast & interactive user interfaces. App performance plays a role in overall business credibility - it’s important delivering to the user the best experience possible as user retention & look plays a big role in view of the company. Fast and light websites and apps can make a difference in ad campaigns & visibility in search engine results. App performance is crucially important and impacts your business directly. Using the newest up-to-date technologies like PWA & Google AMP our front-end developers make high-performance user-centric websites.

Versatile and functional solutions

JavaScript has a lot of extra functions provided by external add-ons and libraries. That’s why our frontend developer team can adapt to each and every one project creating unique features needed. It is easy to set up currency converters, interactive maps, product cards and many more. Being easy to maintain, frontend frameworks like Angular and VueJS allow to diversify and upscale project faster while leaving the same functionality made before.

Mobile Front-end Development

Besides offering web services our front-end developers can provide cross-platform compatible frontend development using Ionic or Cordova. Judging the cause, either intensive high-load project with lots of customers and functionality or quick and rapid yet effective development, we strive to offer the best development terms & technology suitable to the business.

Style & UX in Front-end

Alongside regular CSS, we use SCSS to make our projects even better and faster with cleaner code to work with. With the preprocessor, we can make gradient colours, smooth hover, scrolling, colour saturation and other enhancements in the blink of an eye. With various functions of SCSS, we can create a lot of visually stunning animations. Our developers easily implement all UX features in applications that are vital for best user interactions.

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Delivering best frontend practices

To do so we use the most efficient and powerful technologies like Angular and VueJS that make our Apps fast. Also, we use ES6+ and TypeScript to increase maintainability and scalability App codebase. We have a lot of technologies like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt helping us to automate routine and delivery high-quality products. Our portfolio includes projects for media, enterprises and B2B services.

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CEO Luxnet

Our company has been delivering commercially successful products for nearly a decade. We are aware of the importance not only of creating but of launching a successful product. Also, we understand the complexities during the process of its growth and are always here to provide support. Our strengths are tech solutions for media businesses, video live streaming and enterprise solutions. We appreciate honesty and professionalism, you can make sure of that!