The logistics platform for organizing the work of a company engaged in solid waste collection

Business challenges
  • optimization of the company's work among all employees;
  • possibility for the logistician to view the situation at the locations in real-time mode;
  • the advantage of automated computer data collection over the paper one;
  • optimization of the frequency of crews' drivings to the areas;
  • integration and synchronization of a large amount of data for a long time;
  • control of significant business processes in a single system;
  • the ability to scale the company in general in the future;
  • automation and improvement of production processes through a set of tools that facilitate the work of employees;
  • control of results of work of the crews and logisticians;
  • route optimization, monitoring and adjustment.
About the project
Luxnet has created a logistics solution that helps the company to systematize a large amount of various data and facilitate the work of employees.

Our platform is a website and application that help control and improve the process of garbage removal in different areas.

We have systematized the activities of employees by integrating/uniting them on one platform that works in real-time. A logistician creates a waybill and can add all the necessary information there: for example, the wishes of a client, the best route to the destination, the number of containers in the district, etc. Having opened the application on the tablet, the driver has a simple functionality to fill in: whether the area is cleaned; how much garbage was removed; why it was not possible to perform a certain part of the work. He also attaches photos before and after garbage collection. Thus, the manager, after receiving detailed information from the logistician, can report to customers on sites cleanup and resolve potential conflicts in the future.

The first component of the project is a website for managers and senior managers. A logistician can create waybills on the site, add all the necessary information to the waybills, and review the work performed. The driver of the waste truck crew, who goes to do a task, is logged in a specific application. The tablet and a particular GPS of the vehicle transmit geodata to the system, where you can attach photos of the cleaned area and comments from the driver. In this way, all employees report on their work simply and easily, the logistician can view it and, if necessary, optimize the route and over-the-road trip of the crew. During the development of the system architecture, the company has already scaled to several cities. Now the platform has become even more relevant.

We have analyzed all the needs of the company, researched the market, added the necessary tools, and created a platform that provides the following possibilities:

  • to add, monitor, adjust and share data on the work of the garbage company;
  • to add waybills and necessary comments for crews;
  • to add reports, including photo reports from the crews on the work performed;
  • to add comments about customer wishes or problems that arise in the area;
  • to have the general vision of a condition or potential defects/faults of equipment;
  • to adjust routes and work of crews;
  • to track the geolocation of vehicles;
  • to systematize the data of the company's activity;
  • to optimize and automate all processes to facilitate teamwork.

This custom case is appropriate for companies involved in the removal and disposal of solid waste, as well as those companies that would like to optimize logistics and production processes.

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