This is a workspace for the simultaneous work with radio adverts of all departments and radio stations and integration with automation systems.

Business challenges
  • adapting the solution to the broadcast program, the code of which is unavailable (in fact, we had to do reverse engineering of the third-party software and adjust to it),
  • integration and synchronization of data in the conditions of unstable data transmission channels,
  • creation of the possibility to manage centrally a great number of ads on different radio stations
  • to enable managers to respond quickly to changes in the broadcasting network
About the project
OpenMarket is a comprehensive advertising management system that allows to organize the broadcasting of radio campaigns for different radio stations within one company.

This platform allows the manager to run ads and work with them remotely. You only need an internet connection. The client needed the ability to manage centrally the advertising of 30 regional radio stations. Previously the manager made everything manually through a remote desktop placement in 30 interfaces and summarized all the data in tables or delegated this function to a partner. Speaking about profit and money in general, the company was losing potentially about 30% and was incurring significant legal risks (due to the inability to control advertising in accordance with current legislation).

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
It can be quickly and easily integrated into any structure taking into account all the necessary factors, such as the available equipment, methods of commercials’ preparation and production, as well as professional qualification of employees. As a result:
  • after 9 months, we transferred this solution to all regions and central radio stations, so now the launch of new stations takes up to one day;
  • in the long run, in addition to centralized placement control, we got the ability to  change the ethernet quickly, such as in mourning cases, or replace the design of the ether, etc. (previously, these things took  a considerable part of the working hours of technicians.)


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