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Node.js is a state-of-the-art JavaScript-based web application development platform. It allows developers to quickly create efficient, scalable and reliable real-time web applications. Node.js is the best technology for creating web apps which ideally suits to complex websites and mobile apps. A code written on the runtime environment is compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

Why Node.js is the best choice?
Fast data processing

If your company needs web applications for high-speed receiving and processing large amount of data, Node.js definitely will help you! With that technology, our front-end developers can make real-time web applications. It allows to make applications that run smoothly being efficient and light as it is!

Creation of real-time push notifications

Push messages are one of the efficient channels of communication between a website owner and users. Push messages are pop-up messages that appear on your website. They can be, for example, a way for organizing the distribution of promotional material informing users about products and services your company offer with favourable prices or reporting changes in the use of the website. Special software is needed for sending push messages from your website. It can be easily created with Node.js.

Chat web app development

Chat is a real-time, multi-user instant messaging application. A chat is a typical example of a web application developed with Node.js. It is easy-to-use, provides the exchange of a large amount of data, but does not slow down your website.

Full-cycle & Maintenance

Our dedicated Node.js developers will create for your company high-speed Node.js web applications of different complexity from plugins and modules to large applications. Luxnet provides a full software development life cycle and maintenance. While developing Node.js web applications, we focus on the result which will bring success to our client's company.

Let’s achieve goals together
Our technical solutions will help you to achieve the most ambitious goals
Why choose Luxnet to develop Node.js web applications?

Luxnet is your ideal partner in providing customized Node.js web application development solutions. Node.js software products are the best solution for your business. Business apps created with Node.js are relatively inexpensive to host comparing to similar web apps developed with the use of other platforms. They provide the best performance for your website, as Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model making it lightweight and efficient. Our software products will increase the productivity of your website or mobile app helping you meet your customers' needs and achieve your business goals in a short space of time. Today Node.js is used to develop custom web applications for both websites and mobile apps. Due to its modularity, Node.js is easy to configure depending on the specificity of its use. A developer chooses modules he needs to and then scales them as needed. Looking for a reliable Node.js development company for your project? Contact us and your website or mobile app will not only be faster and more secure, but also interactive. 

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