Newsmaker is a kind of a workspace for the simultaneous work of all departments of a TV channel and integration with automation systems.

Business challenges
  • video content creation with the opportunity to simplify the process of creating news/tv show content;
  • building individual flow for each tv show/news category;
  • planning, launching, controlling and monitoring of the broadcast;
  • live broadcasting;
  • ad management and ad tracking;
  • combining the work of different media;
  • selling video content;
  • working with the archive;
  • communication between employees.
About the project
Newsmaker is a comprehensive content management system that allows to organize the production of content for different media within one television company.

The platform does not require installation on a computer and all that is needed to work with it is the Internet. Newsmaker is well compatible with modern browsers.
A security system was additionally developed for the platform because of its openness. Each employee has certain rights and restrictions in order to minimize the possibility of interference in the system from the outside.
The creation of a media archive is another important function for a video content producer. Experience shows that not any archive of files can exist autonomously within such a company. Therefore, it was decided to add some media asset management (MAM) functions to Newsmaker allowing solving tasks linked with storing, cataloguing, searching, transcoding and moving content.


Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
We created a system for television and broadcasting news editors, a system for planning broadcasting and a system for video archives. It includes all the stages of creating news from idea to broadcasting.

The system is integrated with playout servers and the website of the channel. In addition, the platform can perform not only its basic functions we described above, but also implement the processes you need. It can be quickly and easily integrated into any structure taking into account all the necessary factors, such as the available equipment, methods of content preparation and production, as well as professional qualification of employees.

And of course, you should never forget about your employees who will spend at least 8 hours a day working with the platform. A user-friendly and logical interface, clear flow, commenting and a chat make the process much more enjoyable.

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