A sophisticated solution for TV companies, that face the necessity to streamline the processes of creating, managing and storing video content.

Television companies inevitably face the need to streamline the processes of creating, managing and storing video content. Platforms solving these specific problems surely exist. However, they have a number of significant drawbacks. The first and main drawback is that the platforms are usually different software that cost quite a lot. Another drawback is that you, as a customer, have to adapt to the software, often modify internal business processes in your company to meet the requirements or even purchase special equipment.

A client contacted us exactly with these main needs. Requirements for a platform were formulated quite clearly: it should be an online platform whereby hundreds of employees from different cities will be able to process, create and store content, as well as to manage live broadcasts in real-time. And the most important requirement was that a system must be flexible and can be changed depending on the needs of the client.

This is exactly how Newsmaker was created. It solved all the problems existing at that time. And thanks to your support the software significantly expanded its functionality since its development.

What is Newsmaker?

Newsmaker is a comprehensive content management system allowing organizing the production of content for different media within one television company. The platform does not require installation on a computer and all that is needed to work with it is the Internet. Newsmaker is well compatible with Chrome or Firefox browsers and Microsoft or iOS operating systems.

A security system was additionally developed for the platform because of its openness. Each employee has certain rights and restrictions in order to minimize the possibility of interference in the system from the outside.

The creation of a media archive is another important function for a video content producer. Experience shows that not any archive of files can exist autonomously within such a company. Therefore, it was decided to add some media asset management (MAM) functions to Newsmaker allowing solving tasks linked with storing, cataloging, searching, transcoding and moving content.

How is the platform used by a real client?

All the wishes were taken into account when the platform was launched. We determined the necessary functions which were significantly expanded later on. We did not break existing business processes, but only adjusted to them. Thus, every employee of the company experienced a positive change beginning from a journalist and ending with editors-in-chief and managers.

All employees were able to work in a single system after some time (of course, no one denies that getting used to a new system, even the best one, takes some time and patience). Paperwork, dozens of calls, communication in different chats and reminders sank into oblivion and the work became more qualitative and transparent.

Problems with internal communication seem insignificant against the background of the life of the whole company, but nevertheless they do not become less important. The human factor can lead to a decrease in profits if all the processes are not under control. After the system was launched, all employees began to clearly understand the limits of their responsibility, as now each individual employee is responsible for a separate process.

Taking into account the fact that several employees (sometimes even more than 10!) usually work on a single product, there is a possibility to customize an individual flow for a specific product. Thus, content creation is controlled at every stage.

A client also actively uses the sale of its content that, for its part, already became an additional source of profit, as the cost of one hour of video is not cheap, so it is important that such investment was repeated. Newsmaker works similarly to video and photo banks.

Customers can purchase a subscription or buy each file individually. Video preview (in low quality and with watermarks) was specially designed for clients.

Newsmaker combined the work of several websites, a television channel, a radio station and advertising departments. For example, a news ticker on a television screen was linked with the admin panel of a website. The platform allows finding a required video or program on the website and advertising managers keep track of the frequency of its showing.

In addition, employees can easily create a broadcasting network according to the defined requirements and quickly start live broadcast if needed. For this purpose, a special mode which takes into account such factors as speed of narration, number of screens and video plots, and the work of a prompter was developed.

What the major problems does the platform solve?

● creation of video content. The platform allows employees to manage content without downloading it or staying in the office;

● planning, launching, controlling and monitoring of the broadcast

● live broadcasting.

● building individual flow;

● ad management and ad tracking;

● combining the work of different media;

● sale of video content;

● working with the archive;

● communication between employees.


First of all, Newsmaker is not a ready-made solution, but rather a framework that adapts to the client’s needs and can be updated at any time.

In addition, the platform can perform not only its basic functions we described above, but also implement processes you need. It can be quickly and easily integrated into any structure taking into account all the necessary factors, such as the available equipment, methods of content preparation and production, as well as the professional qualification of employees.

And of course, you should never forget about your employees who will spend at least 8 hours a day working with the platform. A user-friendly and logical interface, clear flow, commenting and a chat make the process much more enjoyable.