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High quality and attractive design are two components of a successful software product. The first thing that instantly grabs the user's attention is not content but the design of the software. Your software product has only a few seconds to convince a customer that you are the only company among thousands of competitors that can meet their needs. Our team of experienced designers will help you quickly create a product with an attractive user interface giving the whole picture of your company and the services it offers. The powerful UI and UX design created by our company will be the key to memorizing your brand by a client and increasing the number of customers and sales.

User-centered design

It is obvious that users prefer attractive and easy-to-use websites and mobile apps created according to design patterns familiar to them. Our experts take into account users' needs and expectations to create an effective design, so we guarantee that your software product will immediately attract the attention of your potential customers.

Making complicated things simple

We practice an individual approach to our clients taking into consideration their wishes. At the same time, we develop a product design according to a well-defined scheme allowing us to make optimal decisions.

Software product coding

Our team ensures that your software product will look 100% the same as on the previously approved prototype and will work reliably and smoothly on any platform.

Style guide

At the final stage of the design process, we create a style guide and refine visual and technical details of a product allowing the user interface to function smoothly and be attractive to users.

Our tools

We use state-of-the-art tools for designing your software: Sketch, Illustrator, inVision, Photoshop, Zeplin, Balsamiq Mockups and Figma.

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Step by step design process

At the first step of developing a design solution we thoroughly study your company's business goals, conduct market research, analyze competitors' offers, as well as determine the target audience of the software. We define the general characteristics of a software product and outline the tasks our team faces.

Our main priority is to create a unique, intuitive and user-friendly design so that our customers can easily achieve their business goals. For this purpose, our experts together with a customer determine the main features of a software solution and its functionality.

Then we start creating information architecture of a project and a customer journey map allowing us to foresee difficulties a user of a future product may encounter and overcome them during the design development phase.

After that, we move on to the Wireframing and Visual design stages during which we develop mood boards in different styles and demonstrate them to a client.

At the next stage the design process, our experts create a high-quality prototype and mockup based on a mood board chosen by a client. We develop both low fidelity prototypes representing only a navigation concept of a product and high fidelity prototypes, that is, a prototype showing all the features of the software. All our prototypes are clickable which helps our clients not only get acquainted with the design of a software product, but also test its usability.

After a prototype is approved by a customer, we prepare project specifications for our developers.

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