TopWorldCoins is an online coin shop. It covers a wide range of offerings for avid numismatists and works all over the world. This platform needed an update of the software solutions infrastructure and process automation.

Business challenges


  • to transfer the product to another platform which is more convenient, easier and cheaper in service and support;
  • in the meantime, to remain the site the same in terms of design and functions for the user;
  • to create a single administrative panel for automation of work; 
  • to integrate payment services on the site;
  • to combine payment services with corresponding delivery methods to the customer;
  • to integrate the functions of the loyalty system on the site that will be available in the personal account;
  • to create a blog section on the site. 

About the project
The platform TopWorldCoins is characterized by the best quality, the best service and the best coins. Guided by this philosophy, a brand new company has entered the world’s numismatic market possessing the potential to present the newest and most exclusive numismatic items and the desire to fulfil all the wants of the most demanding customers.

The company website contains a wide range of the world’s best coins to suit any taste so that the customers have the possibility to easily choose and buy an item that can replenish their numismatic collections or become the best gift for every connoisseur of exclusive and precious things. 
The founders of the business had a problem: support for the old Magento framework was coming to an end. Therefore, the site needed a significant technical update. The customer contacted us with a request to extend the life of the project, but with a different and better infrastructure of software solutions. Our team chose a solution in the form of the Sylius framework, which allowed us to satisfy all customer needs.

By solving these business challenges, we have achieved:
  • conversion of the platform to a more convenient and modern framework, which gives the possibility to keep the previous functions of the site and to update it with minimal efforts in the future;
  • an administrative panel, which allows you to automate and facilitate all processes for company employees; 
  • one-direction integration with eBay, which gives the possibility to import orders from eBay;
  • integration of new payment services;
  • integration of new delivery methods;
  • the logic of charges and bonuses for the loyalty program.

For the work, we chose the Sylius framework. It is a new generation OpenSource PHP e-commerce framework based on Symfony, completely covered by tests, has a modular structure, REST / XML API, plugins and other things.
We are also going to integrate an additional payment service on the site – YabandPay. This system is commonly used in Asian countries.

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