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We use PHP and its framework Symfony to develop a wide variety of services. Our projects include mobile applications for media, live streaming services, and enterprises. Using our services allows your team to focus on other important tasks while we deliver the most optimal and budget friendly solutions by using state of the art technology.

PHP Development Services Overlook
Fast and secure applications

PHP runs in its own memory space. This ensures fast loading speed for websites and applications. Also, PHP has a built-in module for fast database connections and allows integration of multiple SQL and NoSQL databases. Database connection is made secure by storing important data in a separate inaccessible file. Additional frameworks provide protection against threats like SQL Injections, XSS, data tampering and others.

Easy maintenance and testing

PHP uses Model-View-Controller architecture (MVC), so the code is easily written and maintained. A dedicated community creates a lot of documentation, making development a lot easier. Applications are tested automatically by using various open-source frameworks such as PHP Unit. The use of Symfony also ensures the longevity of applications by using components for validation, debugging, browser simulation and others.

Saving time and money

PHP and most of its libraries, frameworks, and extensions are open source, thus save technology expenses. Using Symfony saves time used for developing basic components. Hosting is more budget-friendly because applications can run on just one Linux server. The simplicity of the language makes it easier to support and add new features to projects.

Compatibility & platform independency

Our PHP-based applications run on most platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. PHP can also be integrated with other programming languages. This allows to save cost and reduce effort for future additions and features.

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High flexibility and stability

Symfony and its components provide a lot of extra options for applications. For example, the Mailer component can help to send emails with most popular mailing services. Another component, Lock restricts access to shared resources for additional security. The Translation component adds international versions of your app. Components have billions of downloads and can be used in various projects: from video hosting services to e-commerce applications. Symfony is updated on a regular basis and other developers are able to add their own modules with custom functions.

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