Database administration services

We create applications to help you manage your company data. Our DevOps team use different features of MySQL to help you organise, secure, and access your data from different devices. Our dedicated developers will deploy, configure and monitor the databases to ensure your apps work efficiently. Choosing databases are based upon prerequisites of a project as they are drastically different one from another. Easier projects require less monitoring and resources so there is no need in high-budget database development with different features and, as a result, choosing a proper database is a must.

Main Database Points
Protecting your data

Our database developers use best practices in protecting data. If needed we keep the database in a secure and locked environment separated from application or web servers. We use up-to-date versions of software either it’s open-source or supported by a vendor to remove all possible vulnerabilities. Our developers also value giving the proper level of access to a limited amount of people and only for the time needed as it erases possible risks. Not to mention monitoring logs regularly to detect anomalies and suspicious activities.

Stable and scalable apps

Our solutions are scalable and handle spontaneous increasing amounts of data. It is possible due to Replication, Clustering, Cloud Service, and other methods. We can also store data in cache to improve data handling even further. Our apps are robust because MySQL supports atomic, consistent and isolated transactions. To improve the stability of our apps we use multi-version transactions and unrestricted row-level locking. MySQL cluster servers and replication configurations also ensure long uptime.

Budget-friendly and easy to maintain

We save budget on technology expenses because MySQL is mainly open-source. It is used by various popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. A big variety of documentation and regular updates ensure that our solutions are well coded, easier to support and modify. Our applications can run on various platforms which simplifies app development and maintenance. MySQL has a big online community which makes finding solutions easier and saves development time.

Optimal performance and high flexibility

Our developers use MySQL to boost the performance of our apps. It is possible because of a storage-engine framework that can be configured to optimize the latter. We are able to speed up your server by optimizing your database with load balancing software. Also, we can add various functions like query caching, full-text indexing, and search.

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We provide Database services including (but not limited to) creating, setup and monitoring activities both for large and small business. Our engineers and developers deliver high-quality outsource development services to our customers so the business can concentrate on marketing and brand awareness rather than being overwhelmed by tech problems.

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