UbiBird is a company that provides drone streaming solutions. A secure live streaming drone platform was developed to fully optimize the use of drones through the site and applications in such areas as security, entertainment, sports and tourism.

Business challenges

  • to create a platform for live streaming of drone videos for police services;
  • to minimize latency of video playback in real-time;
  • creation of friendly user interface; 
  • to create a secure platform for video viewing and sharing;
  • the unique solution had to be brought in short terms.
About the project
UbiBird is a company that provides drone streaming solutions. The system consisted of a drone application, as well as all of its features for public or private streaming of video, and software for creating your own wireless video stream using the UbiBird online platform.

"Pilots” can offer viewers to watch the video stream and to chat in real-time app, everything is with a delay up to 1 second. And it's the fastest on the market in 2019.
Imagine: US policemen are conducting a special operation. Several police units are involved in it. Drones come into play at this point. The cops are watching a video streaming from the drones using smartphones. The video is simultaneously displayed on large monitors in the headquarters. Everyone's attention is riveted by the video, as it gives a complete picture from a bird's-eye view. And all this is in real-time and without significant delay.

This is how a project developed by Luxnet for US startup UbiBird looks like. The idea of the project was to create a platform for live streaming of drone videos for police services. And it was implemented in just six months of programming.

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more

The unique solution was brought to life in just a thousand hours of development.

To implement the project, our developers have used three Internet protocols: HLS - Developed by Apple,  WebRTC and MPEG-DASH. And the result is:

  • splendid video transmission, real-time playback and the ability to communicate with other users in online chat was provided due to these protocols that have been implemented in both browsers and applications
  • minimization of the playback delay  - to  0,5 second (this is less than the 10-20 seconds offered by other services of that time)
  • the video quality is HD. This is also important: because such a video can be made public, that is, to record it and subsequently broadcast to, for example, the media. Or take still pictures 
  • all videos are protected. All data is stored in cloud storage on Amazon. It provides a high level of resiliency and the ability to withstand high loads due to the flexibility of scaling 
  • the UbiBird project made it possible to fully optimize the use of drones through the site and applications. Therefore, this platform is suitable for security, entertainment, sports and tourism.

Read more in our blog: https://luxnet.io/blog/ubibird-a-simple-solution-for-private-video-streams

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