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It is not enough to start a business and place information about all your offers on a user-friendly and visually appealing website to be successful in today's dynamic and competitive world. If your website is not among the top positions in search engines and you do not have a well-planned SEO strategy, your product or service is doomed to remain in the background of competitors. The times of a simple exact match keyword have already gone. Today, in order to stand out from your competitors and stay visible to potential customers in a vast amount of information, you should employ modern methods of interaction between your website and search engines so that they are able to find and classify your content quickly and easily. The more internet users visit your website and the longer they stay there, the higher ranking position it will have in search engines allowing your business to thrive.

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Complex approach to SEO

We use an integrated approach to solving current tasks in order that a SEO campaign to deliver the desired results to our clients and meet their expectations. Our experienced team will develop a SEO campaign taking into account all the needs of your business and draw up a detailed plan for its implementation.

Imroving your ROI

We ensure full implementation and support of your SEO campaign. Basing on the results of a thorough analysis of your website and your competitors' SEO strategies, we will improve your website so that search engines can better "communicate" with it and your potential clients are able to find your company on the Internet. The improvements will not only make your site searchable, but also they make it more user-friendly.

Kontent is the King

At the next stage of the implementation of the SEO campaign, we analyze the content of your website and suggest ways to improve it. A thorough keyword research is one of the most important steps in an SEO strategy. Right keywords and keyword phrases will drive more traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking helping to attract new customers and boost sales.

Tracking all results

Our dedicated SEO team will also track the positions of your competitors' websites, analyze keywords they use to promote their business on the Internet and provide a detailed report on the results of monitoring backlinks to competitors' websites. We will also track websites which link to your content and which don’t but they really need to (they just don’t know it yet).

Retaining clients

Luxnet conducts search engine optimization both for websites developed by our experts and websites created by other companies. One of the fields of our work is a website re-launch. Re-launching your website can have serious consequences for search engine optimization, as there is a risk of losing traffic and, consequently, customers.

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Depending on a project we can use plenty of different SEM tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Netpeak Spider, KeyCollector etc. Each project can require other tools to work with. No matter if you are a small business or a large corporation, a new company on the market or working for a long time, are superficially familiar with SEO or try to take full advantage of it, we will jointly develop the best strategy for promoting your products or services on the Internet. Our solid experience in conjunction with highly qualified SEO experts is a guarantee that your clients will find your content without wasting a lot of time and your company will reach planned business goals and earn extra income.

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Our company has been delivering commercially successful products for nearly a decade. We are aware of the importance not only of creating but of launching a successful product. Also, we understand the complexities during the process of its growth and are always here to provide support. Our strengths are tech solutions for media businesses, video live streaming and enterprise solutions. We appreciate honesty and professionalism, you can make sure of that!