Devops as a Service

In today's world of tough competition companies need to launch new high-quality products quickly and more cost-effectively. DevOps is a software development practice that will keep your company one step ahead of competitors. This approach helps to create new software solutions, test and deploy them in a shorter time in comparison with the usual software development lifecycle (SDLC). This happens because DevOps works like a connecting link teaming up software developers, quality assurance engineers, analysts and system administrators and ensuring their continuous and close collaboration.

Focusing on important

Luxnet offers DevOps as a Service that will allow your company to focus on achieving business goals without concerning about the implementation and technical maintenance of an IT project, whether it is a mobile app or a comprehensive automated system. Our experts will help you to significantly reduce software development time and bring your product to market quickly and successfully.

Full-cycle infrastructure development

We accompany the entire DevOps life cycle: development, testing, integration, deployment, and monitoring. Our company helps with the implementation of DevOps for startups, small and medium-sized companies (DevOps consulting services), as well as provides a ready-made Kubernetes infrastructure with the necessary CI/CD tools for large companies.

Engineering as a Service

DevOps is a "conveyor belt" of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) working at each stage of delivery of your software solution. DevOps ensures continuity of the project implementation and deployment. DevOps as a Service is an approach providing for moving the company's on-premises infrastructure and all the tools used by engineers to the cloud.

Continuous and ready-made deployment

Our company combines all development and testing tools to facilitate continuous integration processes. We use state-for-the-art tools to implement DevOps, including infrastructure such as code software (Bamboo, Bitbucket) and automated deployment software (AWS). The tools guarantee reliable maintenance of your project, help to deploy server and network infrastructure and automate monitoring.

Let’s achieve goals together
Our technical solutions will help you to achieve the most ambitious goals
Benefits by using our DevOps services:

Fast and successful software product launch. Companies using the DevOps approach deploy their software solutions much faster than their competitors.

Cost reduction. Automation of building, testing and deployment processes.

The improvement of software quality. Fast and frequent deployment helps to effectively identify and correct errors in code.
Flexibility. The DevOps approach allows business to quickly respond to customer needs and market demands.

High quality of service at a reasonable price.

You should not worry about software development, maintenance, monitoring or backups - our experienced DevOps team will take care of everything!

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