Chatbot "Lux Bot"

The unique programme for the Radio LUX FM to engage users with interactivity as well as fascinating content. This is the program that gets radio users interested and can turn new visitors into regular ones.

Business challenges
  • to create a chatbot based on the Viber messenger and to make it popular with listeners;
  • to make the platform popular due to  a variety of content;
  • to attract as many users as possible, including target audience and potential users;
  • to enable to sort users by their preferences, and in that way to create special groups and provide them with relevant content;
  • to process the data correctly without overloading the database.
About the project
Luxnet company has created a unique platform for the Radio LUX FM  that helps this radio station to engage users with interactivity as well as fascinating content.

Viber chatbots are not very popular with Ukrainian users; however, we have managed to attract million of people to “Lux Bot”. It is one of the first Viber bots in Ukraine and unique among other radio projects. We implemented it with MySQL. Content is stored in the database and the user is sent a joke, video, the request  (by clicking on the corresponding icon). Then, the channel manager sorts the users into groups according to their preferences. For example, if a visitor “requested” a portion of anecdotes three times a week, he or she would be added to the appropriate group. Therefore, push notifications can be sent according to the user's favourite subject. The channel only needs the manager to update the content and send alerts to the users. All other processes are automated.
All these aspects allow the customer to turn radio listeners into the users of an interactive game where you can receive a " dose of entertainment" daily or even more often.

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
This project, created by Luxnet, is really unique and perfect for the Ukrainian media market.

It has allowed the client to attract a large number of users and to draw their attention to the entertainment content of the Radio Lux FM. The project does not require much administration by the bot owner. All you have to do is to create the content. What is next, "Lux Bot" communicates directly with listeners thanks to the automation of processes. So we achieved:

  • involvement of a million audience: 1 260 461 unique users have used the bot during the whole period of time;
  • among them, more than half a million users are currently available, that is 627 184 subscribers;
  • creation of a large database of entertaining content;
  • automation of all processes of the database interaction with the messenger;
  • audience engagement to the channel with the help of additional tools: for example, if a user downloaded a Sticker from Lux FM, he or she was automatically subscribed to the Lux Bot.
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