BASF is an international company with several key business segments: chemicals, materials, solutions for industry, surfactants and technologies, nutrition and care, solutions for agriculture. The last cluster helps farmers to improve crop yield, conduct crop and acreage research, and develop the economy.

Business challenges
  • to develop a service that collects data not only when you have an internet connection, but also works offline.
  • to develop a single application for structuring and processing a fairly large amount of information: number of farms, farmers' contact details, experiments with BASF products, sowing and harvesting dates, and photos before and after, seasons and more
  • all of these features should be available in both Off-line and On-line modes
  • to automate and improve production processes, save time and money
About the project
Luxnet has developed a unique service for BASF's Ukrainian office. It helps to monitor agro-complex offline and online, collect data and statistics.

The service we created implements the Personal Cabinet for a BASF specialist on his corporate tablet. There, the employee can manage all the necessary data on the farm, and most importantly, fill in all the necessary forms for the experiment. The service interface is adapted for easy use and provides all the necessary templates, which greatly simplifies the work. And all this data is now in one application. These features are available in both Off-line and On-line modes.

Technologies used
We are working with all this technologies and even more
By solving these business challenges, we have achieved:
  • agrarian research service for BASF is a good example of optimization of many processes for managers and Head of Department alike 
  • company management can generate statistics and carry out a detailed analysis of the activity, having access to structured data
  • the ability to manage all the necessary data on the farm, and most importantly, fill in all the necessary forms for the experiment was implemented 
  • the development allows for the clear and structured acquisition and management of data for further processing and analysis. 
  • the ability to export all of the collected materials for integration with other enterprise systems or tools for external analysis.

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