The article is about the mobile industry, mobile app development, creation of mobile platforms on IOS or Android.

The mobile industry is growing every year. According to the latest forecasts, smartphone supply will amount to 1.48 units globally. That is why this market continues to provide powerful software to users from all over the world.

–°onnectedness everywhere

It is impossible to imagine our life without a smartphone nowadays: communication, work-related issues, shopping, and even traveling - all these things have been transferred to a small gadget. And that is not surprising: there are 4.32 billion active mobile users in the world now. Actually, people have no choice. The COVID-19 pandemic has only speeded up the transition to the Internet environment.

It all starts with the creation of mobile applications. Namely, they turn this "iron device" into your best personal assistant. In this article, we will provide some good examples of hybrid applications and address the question of Native vs Hybrid.

What are the main approaches to mobile application development?

There are three main approaches to the creation of mobile applications:

  • Web
  • Native 
  • Hybrid

Every approach has its pros and cons as well as its unique peculiarities. However, each one is used to create powerful programming capabilities for mobile devices. 


Web development does not have many requirements. It applies to such applications on gadgets for which you simply need to install a browser on the device. Moreover, Web apps can be opened not only on mobile devices.

If we talk about web platforms, one of the most popular is PWA (Progressive Web Application). It is a web technology that transforms a website into an application. You can install it from the browser, for example, on the home screen of your phone. Then, the PWA will be able to send push messages. What is more, all this can happen even with an unstable connection or offline.


The main point to understand the principle of this approach is in its title. That is basically a native language for the device. Therefore, a native application is an application made in a specific programming language for a particular platform.

Native applications for IOS are written in Swift or Objective-C; for Android, they use the Java programming language.


The hybrid application is called cross-platform. It is created for both IOS and Android - that is, for multiple platforms at once. In most cases, it is done on such development platforms as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.

If you compare them to native apps, the hybrid will be cheaper and even more convenient. After all, you do not need to spend additional time creating two identical applications for two operating systems.

Benefits of hybrid applications

Saving time and money are not the only benefits of developing cross-platform applications. With their help, you can also "test" the idea and quickly create a prototype to ensure that the platform will look and work the way the customer wants.

The principal difference between hybrid and native programs can be described in terms of their development costs. Hybrid apps are more affordable than native apps designed especially for IOS or Android.

Furthermore, hybrids can combine native elements and web development elements. That is why hybrid applications are a perfect choice for business now - they perform their functions efficiently and easily regardless of the company's needs.

The starting point of a hybrid application

This type of development successfully combines the functions of the Internet and its own particular approaches. The hybrid program is based on the use of HTML5 and JavaScript.

Only a few years ago, it was thought that a hybrid application would not be the best option for a business. Such an application was considered too slow and unproductive. However, in a relatively short time and with the appearance of services for the development of cross-platform applications, hybrid programs have become a good offer for entrepreneurs.

That is easy to prove by demonstrating the best-known hybrid app examples. We bet you use a number of them in your daily life.

Can IOS and Android run on the same Native app?

No, it is impossible. Programs created for different operating systems do not match. Therefore, Android applications will not be able to run on IOS and vice versa. The only exception is a hybrid application that takes into account the features of both systems.

Hybrid application examples

1. Instagram

Instagram is a perfect example to start talking about hybrid development. It is one of the most famous social networks in the world.
The application runs on HTML-5, can support offline data, and perform actions with multimedia files. In addition, the social network offers several tools for sharing interactive data.

2. Twitter
One of the most popular examples of hybrid applications is Twitter - a social network for short messages. After all, the platform uses a hybrid approach to process high traffic level. It offers users a range of tools available in both the app and the browser on a mobile device or computer.

3. Gmail

 Yes, the most popular e-mail service also uses a hybrid approach. Google has combined HTML and its own native elements on this platform. That ensures the smooth performance of the service.

4. Uber

The mobile app for taxi transportation is another example of a hybrid app. The service contains easy navigation, good and high-quality user interface. Due to these technologies and convenient tools, the application is ahead of its competitors.

5. Apple App Store 

The Apple App Store can also boast of a hybrid approach. It is a perfect example of using native elements for navigation and top search bars.

These features improve interaction with users and simplify functions for them.

In fact, there are more examples of hybrid applications; they are literally captivating the market of mobile application development. And it's not for nothing: hybrid applications offer convenience, quality, and save time.

Where to look for developers of a hybrid application?

If you are searching for developers for a hybrid application, you can take advantage of freelance marketplaces. 

For example, you can open Upwork - a company and a global platform that offers a range of software products for employers who want to hire and be in charge of remote professionals.

There you can find the whole team or complement your own team with the necessary specialists.

Advantages of online marketplaces

Structuring of requirements. You only need to specify your requirements, indicate the price, or try looking through the applications of professionals who offer their work.

Cost savings. This type of cooperation can be cheaper than contacting a team that is "around the corner from your office." You can often find a company from another country on Upwork or another freelance marketplace. Accordingly, it can be cheaper to pay this team than a team of developers from, for example, Germany or the United States.

A short period of cooperation. You don't have to pay a salary to your employees. You can agree on an hourly rate or the cost for the entire project, and then you don't have to think about what to do with the expanded team.

Disadvantages of online marketplace

Lack of live communication. If you hire a team from another country, be prepared that you will have to wait for an answer for a long time. That is not because people are indifferent to the project; the main reason is that time zones may not coincide. All details will have to be agreed upon via e-mail, messengers, or video services. However, that is common for short-term projects and should not cause any discomfort.
Another language and traditions. You need to be ready to state your requirements clearly, avoid "sophisticated" language phrases and hear the accent during video calls :) You should also check the list of national and religious holidays of this country: most likely, there will be no cooperation on those days.

Create a hybrid application with the Luxnet team

If you want to create a hybrid application, you can contact us. Luxnet can develop applications for your business that will be convenient and of high quality for both you and your users.


Hybrid applications are becoming more and more popular over the years. They are convenient for both developers and businesses, allow providing the user with a range of qualitative and suitable services. They are not too expensive and significantly expand technologies and services. Moreover, they considerably save time that would have to be spent on developing two (identical) applications for different operating systems.