According to Google Search trends, the most popular frameworks are React, Angular and Vue. This is not the first year that they are becoming not only the most popular search engine inquiries but also of the highest quality and most convenient ones for front-end development. In this article, we’ll compare them with less known but still dynamic frameworks, thanks to which you can also create a quality application.

JS framework popularity depends on several factors: convenience, simplicity and, at the same time, quality. And what else does the user need for happiness and successful shopping?

5 best JavaScript frameworks and libraries for front-end web development in 2020

It is obvious that change is all around us and the world is evolving very quickly. User needs are growing: he/she wants a quality design, convenient service, versatility and speed of the platform where he/she buys a particular service. For this reason, JavaScript libraries are being developed and due to them, it is possible to create such applications. New frameworks appear every year.

But are they able to compete with such well-known giants as, for example, the famous and widely used React JavaScript framework? We will investigate this question in the article too. Therefore, we have prepared for you the list of JS frameworks that we consider to be the best for product development in 2020.

JS Framework List based on popularity

1. ReactJS

React is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook. Actually, the company is supporting this solution now. This plays a crucial role in choosing this framework for your project. React can be described as a constant sense of stability, which is lacking in many progressive but new and still not well-known frameworks.

It is an open JavaScript library used to create user interfaces and designed to solve the problems of partial updating of web page content, which are encountered in the development of single-page applications. It is developed by Facebook, Instagram and the community of individual developers.

2. Ember.js

Ember.js is a JS framework, an open-source program for creating single-page web applications with complex user interactions. The frame from Ember offers considerable scale and flexibility of a product. The framework is regularly updated and provides a full package of various functions. Ember has a fairly large and quite active community, and this allows combining solutions to common problems.

What is more, this framework, according to a survey of developers JetBrains in 2019, is ranked the 12th among the most popular JavaScript frameworks. And this year Ember is not going to lose its relevance.

3. Vue.js

Vue is all about progress. It is one of the best JavaScript frameworks. Vue.js has been focusing on simplicity and a fast learning curve for several years. Furthermore, it has more rapid manipulations with the DOM than its competitors, for example, the same React.

The framework is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In addition, version 3.0, which has been released this year, is faster and more powerful. Thus, in 2020 Vue is undoubtedly one of the best JS frameworks for JavaScript.

4. Angular.js 2

Angular is another "veteran" in the development market that competes with React. The program has long-term development. The framework uses TypeScript - a tool for creating web applications that extends the capabilities of the dear old JavaScript. And this helps the framework: according to the survey, 80% of developers want to use TypeScript again and would like to learn it.

It has good server-side previews of content, faster viewing and easy development. Angular is supported by Google, so you can be sure that the framework will be used efficiently, quickly and for a long time. Angular complies with huge data requirements, gives the possibility to build data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or another push model. This, in fact, provides the framework with the same speed and performance.

5. Gatsby

This is a framework that is based on React, and the query language and open-source data manipulation GraphQl. Actually, Gatsby is a static site generator (SSG). The framework uses the best React tools in its work: for example, React Router or Webpack.  Additionally, it uses a few features from the GraphQl query language.

Everything is for the purpose that the developer is able to create a site in React and only after that generate static files "Build". That’s why the main advantages of Gatsby are an ultra-high performance, as well as SEO Requirements (Server rendering, Speed boost, Page metadata, rich snippets in JSON) and caching system. The framework contains several plugins that will help the developer to start the project quickly and concisely.

Other JavaScript app frameworks that are worth paying the attention

1. Backbone.js

This framework is not new anymore, but it is still incredibly popular among developers. It is good for those who need simple frameworks or a small library to create a product.

2. jQuery

This is one more JS front-end framework that was created 14 years ago. However, jQuery is still popular. The slogan of the product is "write less, do more." And this slogan accurately describes the framework: jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library.

With an easy-to-use API that works in many browsers, here you can do things like processing and manipulating HTML documents, event processing, animation and Ajax. By combining versatility and scalability, jQuery has changed the way millions of people around the world write the JavaScript language.

3. Jest

We would like to remind you that you shouldn’t forget about testing. The Jest framework is officially ranked number one as the best JavaScript language for testing. These are the results of the Stateofjs survey. The framework was developed by Facebook. The focus of this JavaScript test structure is on simplicity. Jest is widely used with Selenium for automated JavaScript testing.

Other frameworks suitable for back-end development

1. Meteor.Js

Meteor.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. The solution offers many functions for back-end development, rendering, as well as database management. Although the framework appeared 8 years ago, it is still relevant: Meteor.js is a perfect ecosystem that promotes the development of high-quality desktop applications.

2. Express

It can be said without exaggeration that Express is one of the most important frameworks in the development market. The language is traditionally JavaScript. The framework is dynamic, minimalist and well suited for API and web application development. In addition, this solution can be combined with Angular.js as a front-end framework, or used as the default service framework for Node.js.

3. Next.js

This is rather small but convenient and definitely a very needed JavaScript framework. Basically, it's great as a back-end for developing platforms in React. The goal of Next is simplicity and ease of implementation for developing React programs.

Benefits of JS frameworks:

In 2020, more and more developers are using JS Frameworks. It's convenient, simple and fast. The framework makes the site fast, progressive and flexible for various technical changes. We have offered a lot of programs that you can use in work. This is the main benefit of JS frameworks: for different purposes, you can choose the program that suits them and will lead you to the main goal.

- JS frameworks provide faster performance: developers write updates to the entire content of created web-pages only when it’s necessary. The displayed content is supported in the virtual DOM and provided to the actual DOM.

- JavaScript is nowadays used for the client-side and as a server-side programming language. That’s why JavaScript is considered the language of the Internet. And it greatly simplifies the process of creating and maintaining pages.

- There are also JavaScript libraries that support cross-browser compatibility.

- JS frameworks also propose Built-in HTML templating. It means, Data displayed within the site’s markup is cleanly formatted and easy to read.


Undoubtedly, the IT world is evolving very fast to predict all the trends for this year. Programmers strive for convenience, speed and quality of service. This directly reflects the needs of the user, who is becoming more and more demanding.

You'll be surprised to know that only in 2019, there were at least 24 JS frames and about 83 JavaScript libraries. From this quantity, you need to choose the one that meets the needs and goals that you would like to invest in the future product.

In any case, the «world of javascript» is wide and very popular as for right now. And more developers are turning their attention to convenient and flexible JS frameworks: they help to create good and high-quality platforms. So, such frameworks allow reaching the main purpose: to satisfy the client with the quality and simplicity of a site and to create a convenient site for the future client.