Let's start from the beginning. Multiplatform or cross-platform app is the peculiarity of software to run on more than one software or hardware platform; technologies that allow achieving this peculiarity. Cross-platform gives the possibility to significantly reduce the cost of developing new software or adapting the existing one.

What is a cross-platform application?

In simple words, if we consider mobile applications, cross-platform is one development of application both for Android and iOS. This is a kind of hybrid that works here and there. Cross-platform solutions have several advantages. Firstly, they significantly save the customer’s time required for developing the product: the process can be controlled by a single programmer who writes a single code for two platforms. Secondly, such a decision will considerably save the client’s money. You do not need to create two separate applications that will look similar in different operating systems. There will be one application that can work successfully on both Android and iOS.

How to create a cross-platform mobile app? 

In order to launch a high-quality hybrid mobile apps framework, use the following ten basic steps:

  • Define the goals the mobile application should achieve.
  • Describe the functionality and actual functions of the application.
  • Explore your competitors' products.
  • Create wireframes (i.e. make a kind of site skeleton).
  • Check these wireframes.
  • Test the application.
  • Choose the path of development: make a plan for the future.
  • Create a mobile application.
  • Test it.
  • Launch for mass use! :)
How to create a cross-platform mobile app

High-quality and convenient mobile application helps the business a lot. It can increase revenue by improving sales of goods; raise awareness about your brand; become a good analytical platform for measuring the satisfaction of your customers. 
And remember: app stores are full of offers for potential customers. Users are lured by high-quality all-embracing design: it's both UX and UI components. A modern customer who, for example, has an iPhone, will not be happy to get the message "iOS app is currently under development. We plan to launch it next month!" It is unlikely that this customer will return to your platform in a month. It is highly likely that he/she will find a similar offer where the application is ALREADY working.
That’s why cross-platform apps development has taken an important place in the world in 2020. The application is created only once, and the hybrid app framework works on Android, iOS, or Windows.

And how difficult is it?

One programming language - a single application - different operating systems. If cross-platform solutions had a slogan, it would sound like that. It looks simple, but in fact, the developer must consider all the requirements and instructions on how the program works on each platform before creating the application. Having a common deep understanding of the platform cores and software nuances, the developer will be able to create a perfectly user-friendly program for all devices at once.

List of best cross-platform apps 

React List of best cross-platform apps

1. React Native

React Native uses JavaScript as the only programming language to create cross-platform applications. The strong point of this program is that you can easily write modules in Java, C, and Swift. And there is one pleasant surprise: in React Native you can work on adjusting images and videos that cannot be edited with other API frameworks. Giant companies such as Instagram and Facebook were using React Native to create their applications.

Flutter List of best cross-platform apps

2. Flutter
Everything is in one kit item: Flutter is a set of software development tools (SDKs) that allows you to create applications on different platforms from a single database. This SDK with open source code was created by Google and was first released in May 2017.
In other words, Flutter is an open-source software framework for creating applications for Android and iOS platforms, as well as on the Web. By the way, Google (apparently) uses this program for most of its applications or new projects. Flutter is based on the Dart programming language. It is easy to understand for developers who work with JavaScript and Java.

Adobe PhoneGap List of best cross-platform apps

3. Adobe PhoneGap
Previously, this program was known as Apache Cordova. It is a framework for creating mobile applications, and an easy-to-implement framework for developing applications between platforms. Programming languages ​​- HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. One great advantage of Adobe PhoneGap is a large cloud solution that will come in very handy when creating your own mobile application. The program also has access to other company's tools and a large number of plug-ins.

NativeScript List of best cross-platform apps

4. NativeScript
NativeScript is an open-source application for creating cross-platform applications on iOS and Android. The application has an "operational" advantage: programs here are created using JavaScript or any other language that is translated into JavaScript, for example, TypeScript.

Xamarin List of best cross-platform apps

5. Xamarin
Microsoft Visual Studio Xamarin allows you to create applications for most platforms using a single .net code. All applications created with Xamarin will look like native applications. Through the use of optional modules, Xamarin allows users to create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows in the IDE with code completion and IntelliSense. Xamarin also has extensions that provide support for creating, deploying, and debugging applications on a simulator or individual device. Programming language - C #.

Other programs

Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch is another tool that allows you to create an application that will constantly work in browsers and mobile devices. The team that uses Sencha Touch does not have to sit in one place: it is possible to create and promote frames remotely thanks to the appropriate built-in elements. The program is integrated with ext JS. This allows creating applications/building apps that will contain a large amount of data.

Appcelerator Titanium
Appcelerator is one more program that is suitable for creating cross-platform web applications on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. The system has a lot of useful tools for web technologies that can reduce the time spent on application development.

Girl with smartphone img of blog cross-platform app


The modern world is developing and changing very fast. As a result, sometimes you don't have enough time to create two similar applications. And is there any reason to complicate your life, pay more money or wait longer? Cross-platform solutions give the possibility to create a great application for different platforms. It is convenient for everyone: for the developer, for the customer, and most importantly - for users who always require faster, better, and more convenient solutions.