This article describes how to find Java developers; explains why this programming language is essential; provides examples of services that can help you find good specialists.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is always ahead of the rest in the field. According to GitHub, it takes second place in the list of popular programming languages. Annually, it creates thousands of jobs around the world. Furthermore, it is widely applied in such giant companies as Apple, Ford, Walmart and Amazon.

The Java programming language has been used for over 30 years. It was developed in the laboratories of Sun Microsystems in 1991. The need for it was simple: to create a programming language that would not depend on the platform and its architecture but could be used to build firmware.
Primarily, the founder James Gosling called the project "Green", and the first release version of Java was called "Oak" (i.e. an oak tree). James did not think a lot to give it a name - this tree was growing near his window. However, in 1995 they officially approved the name by which we know this programming language today - Java.

We can list a lot of advantages of Java among other programming languages. It comes easily to beginners, rarely changes (but it develops at a good pace), has a vast network in the world. In addition, Java is flexible enough to solve a wide range of tasks.
Java programmers usually deal with the following aspects of development:

  • They are responsible for a lot of tasks during the software development life cycle; they start from the concept and finish with the testing.
  • Develop and embed the stages of application of this programming language; develop software and are responsible for the architecture.
  • Conduct software analysis.
  • Identify all key issues related to product application.
  • Create technical designs for application development.

Where can you hire Java developers?

Many platforms will allow you to choose Java developers or an entire team for your project. We are going to tell you about the most popular sites and what you should pay attention to when you want to find Java developers.
This platform helps you find a software engineer or team quickly. You can specify your needs, choose an expert, or create a company profile and wait for your applicants. 
On Hired, the candidates are real professionals with several years of experience, so you can invite them for an interview right away to learn more about their skills and offers.

Jobs Github
It is another site for hiring Java developers. This platform focuses on people with technical talents. In addition, GitHub has a great community of developers. Not surprisingly, it is one of the largest web services for collaborative software development.

Upwork is a company that offers a global and fairly extensive job search platform, as well as a range of software products for employers who want to hire and be in charge of remote professionals.
It is also one of the largest networks of registered freelancers. Here, you can view the profiles of developers and check the experience of the candidate. Payment will be made through the secure payment system of the site.

It is a global company that specializes in remote working. It serves as a platform for communication between businesses and software engineers.
Here you can also find designers, financial analysts, product managers, and similar.

People Per Hour 
It is a platform that bears a certain similarity to Upwork. In addition, the site is unique: it holds competitions and allows freelancers to place their job postings.

Here you can hire a professional, view his hours (i.e. find out how much experience and what sort of experience the developer has), read success stories from freelancers and business companies.

What should you consider when hiring a Java developer?

Start with the basics.

Analyze your project requirements thoroughly. Also, make a list of important details: how much time and effort it will take, how difficult it is, how much money you can spend on the project.

Undoubtedly, development is not a cheap thing, especially if you plan for the project to last long and successfully. You can find out the approximate prices for development on the platforms we mentioned above.
However, these prices can fluctuate as follows (depending on the level of the developer for your project - junior, middle or senior Java developer).

The USA - from 11 to 80 dollars per hour
Canada - from 20 to 80 dollars per hour
Israel - from 40 to 100 dollars per hour
India - from 4 to 65 dollars per hour
China - from 5 to 100 dollars per hour

You can also pay attention to and hire Java developers from Ukraine. The hourly rate here will range from 20 USD and more. Firstly, the price depends on the type of your project. Secondly, it depends on whether you find Java developers on a freelance basis or choose a remote team.
If you have found out about the prices and estimated your financial capabilities, you should move on to the next step. 
When you are looking for a Java programmer, take into account the following aspects:

Experience. You can look at the developer's page on specific platforms or social networks to find out how much time and where a person worked, what projects he/she has implemented.

Recommendations. You can view reviews about the work of a Java developer.

The fullness of information. When hiring a Java developer on an expert search site, don't forget to evaluate the information on the profile; the links should be active;  the user should be active, too; he/she should have new examples or updates in the resume, etc
Required technical knowledge. You can check this at the interview. During the conversation with the candidate, you can ask him/her several questions. You can take them partially from here, or you can use the following ones:
What is JIT?
Why do programmers use synchronized methods or blocks?
What is the definition of a marker interface in Java?
Why is it impossible to extend more than one class in Java, but it is possible to implement several interfaces?
After that, you can proceed to the test task or trial work period.

Reasons to hire Java developers from Ukraine.

In recent years, Ukraine has considerably strengthened its position in the offshore development market. The programmers of this country are in demand in Europe, as well as in other continents.
And rightly so: the arena of expert and relatively inexpensive software development has over 1,000 offshore IT companies now. In total, they employ more than 115,000 specialists - software engineers. Moreover, the market is continuing to grow.
Other countries address Ukraine because they seek vast experience, quality work and facility of communication - the latter significantly improves the collaboration between the two companies.

Here are some additional reasons to hire a team of developers from Ukraine:
1. According to the world research and consulting company in the field of information technology Gartner, Ukraine is among the top 30 countries that provide offshore services.
2. Ukraine is a home country to many popular startups in the world: Reface, Petcube, Grammarly
3. Ukraine is actively and constantly developing its domestic IT market in education, hackathons, international events. That is in Lviv, in the west of the country, where the largest technology conference IT Arena is held annually.
4. The country also has a convenient location: a developed infrastructure allows you to get to Ukraine from almost any place in the world.
5. Ukrainian offshore companies often cooperate with American ones carrying out projects of diverse complexity.

And that's not all: Ukraine will impress you with a large number of Java developers who have ample and sometimes unique experience in creating products. The hourly rate here will not be the lowest among other countries (especially from another continent) but will pay off in full.
In Ukraine, you can find developers who will complement your staff and will deal with the project partially. You can also look for a cohesive team working together if you have a more complex project.

Advantages of outsourced projects

If you plan a project that requires Java programmers, but you do not have such a team in your staff, you can use the service of an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing is the collaboration with a contractor who will perform exact tasks on his or her own side. This distribution is called time and cost-saving tactics. At this time, your company focuses on its usual tasks and functions, while the contractor team fills in the "blank space" in the experience, skills and abilities.
Outsourcing has two methods of working with a contractor:
time and materials: a contract based on the time spent working on the project;
fixed price: this contract stipulates a specific amount of money for a particular job performed.

You can read more about outsourcing and the difference between this type of cooperation and work in the office here.

Freelance Java developer vs outsourcing team

Each of these types of cooperation has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should make a choice considering your project.

However, you should better consider the risks and challenges you might face. There will be various sorts of "obstacles" if you hire a freelance Java developer or find outsourced Java programmers.

  • Different time zones. Be prepared that offshore development involves a considerable distance from your country. It can even be another continent. Accordingly, take into account the time difference and agree when it will be convenient for you and the employee to communicate.
  • Another language, culture and mentality. The English language sounds different in different countries. In general, this fact is greatly influenced by the language and the speech rate. You should be ready to get used to the conversation. Also, keep in mind that cultures in different countries may differ: we mean the days off, the manner of cooperation, etc.
  • A new market. Before hiring Java developers from another country, learn about its economic and political situation. The first factor will help you understand how (and whether) you need to pay taxes. The second will add faith in the stability of the project. In today's world, it is of paramount importance to be confident that the project will be completed on time and external factors will not affect the work.

The main advantages of offshoring are as follows:

  • Savings. You can choose Java developers in the country where the average price is acceptable to you.
  • Rational use of funds. Of course, you can hire Java programmers into your team for full-time and regular office work. But later you will have to find more projects for them. And what to do if you have only one project?
  • Expertise. All over the world, you can find such Java developers who will completely satisfy your needs. If you choose the correct criteria, you can find the team of your dream.

Where to find a team of expert Java developers?

You can also contact the team. We offer good technical solutions for your business, and the company developers will perform your task efficiently and on time. We have a whole team of Java developers who work with each other for a long time, demonstrating experience and skills.